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EMILY RICKS – Farewell To My Youth

Emily Ricks’ song ‘Farewell to My Youth’ is a truly heartbreaking piece of music that is bound to stay in your mind. The artist’s lyrical words that are full of sadness and the music that is as haunting as the melody itself is a reflection of the transition from youth to adulthood. The way Emily’s voice …



SUGAR SCARS’ new song, ‘Haight’ is a perfect combination of intense energy and sentimental lyrics. The music is composed of driving guitar riffs and dynamic rhythms, which the band is able to play as if it had done it a thousand times before. The vocals add a layer of depth to this soundscape, one that’s both …


THE SAVAGE HEARTS – Gang War/Speed Kills

“Gang War/Speed Kills” by The Savage Hearts is a rebellious song that keeps you at the edge and venue from start to finish. This double single doesn’t disappoint as it blends together the strength of rock and the excitement of melodies, which highlights the band’s capacity to mix the intense dynamics of rock with spirited melodies. …


GETHYN JONES – Fatal Equation

The combination of storytelling and music in “Fatal Equation” by Gethyn Jones is unique, which makes the album great. The album also serves as an extension of his novel, showcasing the multifaceted side of Jones as an author and as a musician. Each track is imbued with emotional depth, which very well conveys the feeling of love …



The latest song of Podge Lane “Down” is a testament to his versatility as an alt-country artist. The song is a good example of his talent to leave a strong impression on the audience by the combination of these lyrics with a melody that is both profound and catchy. The simplicity of the lyrics combined with …


GARY DRANOW – 18, It’s All Right!

Gary Dranow’s latest song, “18, It’s all right,” is a perfect symbiosis of raw emotions and musical skill. The track seizes the spirit of the youth with intimate lyrics and the heart-touching melody that the audience will adopt. Through Dranow’s own story, the reader is presented with a heartfelt insight into what it takes to find stability …