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Mulholland Jive Releases New EP “Thunderfunk”

Mulholland Jive, the Cambridge-based instrumental funk band, has delivered a vibrant new EP titled “Thunderfunk”. This five-track collection showcases their unique blend of funk, jazz, and rock, highlighted by energetic piano performances, powerful horns, and dynamic guitar solos. The track “Beast Mode”, already a favorite on BBC Introducing, exemplifies their exhilarating style. Other standout tracks …


Roel Drops New Song “the grind”

Roel’s latest single, “the grind”, is a captivating blend of chiptune, electric guitars, hard-hitting drums, and catchy melodies. Released three years after its initial creation, this track captures the artist’s struggle with finishing projects, delivering a modern yet nostalgic sound inspired by Nickelodeon theme songs and Gameboy games. As the first single from his upcoming …


Proklaim Releases New Song “BIENVENIDOS”

Proklaim’s latest single, “BIENVENIDOS”, radiates optimism and celebrates the present moment with infectious energy. This salsa-influenced track, recorded at Pen Pushaz studios and mixed and mastered by Wojtek Majewski at Audio Art Namibia, showcases Proklaim’s unique blend of rap and rhythmic beats. Drawing inspiration from icons like Biggie, Fugees, and Bob Marley, Proklaim crafts a …


Toby Tesla Releases New EP “.FIVE”

Toby Tesla’s new EP, “.FIVE”, showcases his diverse musical range, blending Alternative, R&B, and Hip-Hop elements seamlessly. With a career spanning almost a decade, the Peruvian-American artist demonstrates his lyrical prowess and craftsmanship across the five tracks. Collaborating with various artists from the valley, each song in this EP is a testament to his evolving …


Fendahlene Releases New Song “Where I’m Going”

Fendahlene’s latest single, “Where I’m Going”, marks a captivating blend of Americana and alt-country. Recorded at Urchin Studios in London with the expertise of Matt Ingram and Dan Cox, and mastered by Fabian Tormin, the track juxtaposes serene harmony with underlying chaos. The song explores the idea of maintaining personal direction amidst external distractions, drawing …


Jenny Räisänen Releases New Song “The Rain Is Not Far”

Jenny Räisänen’s latest song, “The Rain Is Not Far”, is a captivating addition to her impressive repertoire. This cinematic indie pop track showcases Jenny’s powerful vocals and emotional depth, creating a haunting and beautiful listening experience. The song’s dynamic composition and heartfelt lyrics resonate deeply, offering solace to those in emotional situations. Jenny’s ability to …