Emerging musical sensation hypnumb has been kind enough to introduce their recent masterpiece, hot off the press and into our eager ears. Upon hearing its very first note we felt completely spellbound by this new work of art. For the young and vibrant music community, fresh air indeed is Hypnumb.

What separates Hypnumb from the pack is their inherent knack for lacing a touch of cool and exotic excitement into everything they play that make people tune in. On this auditory sojourn with a talented band, we couldn’t help but be spellbound by the sheer power of their sonic force.

Their unique vocal style is one of the most noticeable aspects of Hypnumb’s musical personality. It’s not only unique in the traditional sense of that word but a work with something like an addictive power we never anticipated. The vocal delivery becomes part of their sonic signature, becoming a thread woven into the fabric they sew. Theirs is a testament to their mettle, as they’ve succeeded in originating vocal style that not only sticks out from the pack but which also has an addictive quality.

It is not until the chorus actually hits that Hypnumb’s music really comes to life. The tension they can create, building up and then releasing in a powerful hook is pretty thrilling. It’s the kind of music that sends shivers down your spine and pounds your heart into a frenzy. This ability of the band showed both their excellent songwriting as well as composing skills.

With Hypnumb’s artistry still holding us in its grasp, we look forward to seeing what the future brings for this talented band. Their talent for capturing hearts and minds with a sound all their own is sure evidence that they have the power to change music forever.

So go ahead and take off on your own musical adventure with Hypnumb. Listen to their infectious sound, enjoy the novelty of its creative vocal style and prepare for an exhilarating blast off in chorus. As you plunge into their music, please share your thoughts and experiences with us, as we celebrate this marvelous addition to the musical scene. Hypnumb may just be a band to watch, and we cannot wait for the next musical chapter.