The ballad song Someone I Forget by Melissa Lamm is striking and moving, leaving one with an unforgettable impression. Starting from the first moment of its playing, Lamm’s resonant vocals lure you in, containing a sense of vulnerability and desire. The lyrics are thoughtful and personal, dealing with the anxiety of love and pain arising from separation. Sung over a tender piano accompaniment, the melody is hauntingly beautiful and suits Lamm ‘s great power of voice.

What sets “Someone I Forget” apart is Lamm’s raw emotion. Her delivery is full of heart and humanity, so it’s not hard for a listener to take the lyrics into his own soul. The production is also high quality, with a clean sound that adds to the effect of the song.

One standout song is “Someone I Forget”, which showcases Melissa Lamm’s unquestionable ability as a singer, writer and musicians. If you love heart-felt, introspective music, it’s a must listen.