OSKA’s “Mona Lisa, a girl’s best friend” is an enchanting and enticing song that wonderfully embodies the spirit of female ascendance. Its beautiful, dreamy melodies take you on a journey of reflection and self-awareness. OSKA’s melancholy sweet vocals reflect the lyrics, which capture women ‘ambivalence and soul-searching.

The words to “Mona Lisa, a girl’s best friend” are poetic and contemplative. It questions whether many women look into themselves for solace and strength. With its reflective tone, the song urges listeners to cherish and praise themselves.

The song is flawlessly produced, the delicate instrumentation playing well to OSKA’s highly hypnotic voice. Acoustic guitar, soft percussion and subtle electronic elements weave together creating a richly atmospheric sound that adds depth to the song.

All things considered, “Mona Lisa, a girl’s best friend” is beautiful music which lets OSKA show herself off as both singer and songwriter. It is a song which gets right to the heart of things, one you will not forget once heard. If that’s your kind of music, this shouldn’t be missed!