Whoever They Are is a powerful and heart wrenching song. The lyrics are beautiful! It provides for a perfect blend of pop and R & B, with its catchy beats, soulful melodies. Cappelli’s voice is deep and powerful, carrying the feelings of its lyrics easily.

The song’s lyrics recount a familiar tale of broken heart and the desire to move on. As she sings of the agony of losing out on a relationship, and her hope for something better this side Cappelli’s vulnerability is exposed. The chorus is especially catchy, with its simple melody and uplifting message. High-Calibre Production: “Someone Better” has a polished sound and seamless transitions. The instrumentation fits perfectly with Cappelli’s vocals to create a vibrant and stimulating listening experience.

All in all, “Someone Better” is standout track that reveals the incredible talent of Alexa Cappelli as singer and songwriter. It’s a can’t-miss for fans of pop and R&B music, as well as an encouraging hint at what this young talent will be able to do in the future.