Austin Willacy’s EP “Gonna Be Alright,” is a soul, R&B, and pop blend, woven with meaningful lyrics of resilience, positivity, and self-acceptance. Throughout the five tracks of Willacy’s EP, his deep vocal talent and storytelling with emotion are evident, especially in the singles “Saw You in the Light” and “Gonna Be Alright,” which he wrote together with the Grammy-winning Rich Jacques. This collaboration resulted in a professional sound, making the EP sound even better.

Ranging from “No Apologies” which is a happy-sounding song to the reflective “Saw You in the Light,” every one of them takes listeners on a path of self-reflection and empowerment. “Gonna Be Alright” is not just music. It is a beacon of optimism in uncertain times. The depth of Willacy’s talent and skill as an artist is clearly manifested through this song.