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JARED DECK – Head Above Water

Jared Deck’s “Head Above Water” is a powerful testament to resilience and authenticity. Each track resonates with blue-collar struggles and triumphs, from the defiant “Three Things” to the nostalgic “Amorita”. The album’s rich storytelling and diverse sounds make it a compelling listen. Deck’s journey, mirrored in his music, is inspiring and heartfelt. I love the …


ODELET – Pisces Pie

Odelet’s latest album “Pisces Pie” is a captivating blend couple of genres and siren-like vocals. Released on May 11, 2024, this 11-song collection showcases Odelet’s unique style and rich musical background, influenced by her Detroit roots and love for R&B. With standout tracks that highlight her vocal prowess and innovative production, “Pisces Pie” is a …



KLEMNTYNA’s new single “IN LOVE” is a powerful blend of Alt-Pop and R&B, showcasing her stunning vocal abilities and emotional depth. Produced by Jake Tavill, this breakup anthem features brooding synths and a captivating beat that perfectly complements the heartfelt lyrics. The live vocal performance video, filmed by Zachary Grullón, highlights KLEMNTYNA’s impressive stage presence …


MATADOR CHEEKS – Fly Tipping In The Amazon

Matador Cheeks’ latest single, “Fly Tipping In The Amazon”, is a captivating journey through the talented artist’s unique worldview. Based in Sheffield, this bedroom artist delivers a poignant reflection on environmental neglect and human affliction, blending disdain and emotional depth with a mesmerizing falsetto finale. Inspired by Radiohead and The Beatles, Matador Cheeks defies genre …


JEFF VIDOV – Oh mi da dey di

Jeff Vidov’s latest single, “Oh mi da dey di”, is a heartwarming blend of hope and love, encapsulating his vibrant energy. The song draws inspiration from his choir experiences, creating a sense of community and positivity. Vidov’s unique Neorock style shines through with its orchestral elements and thought-provoking lyrics. It’s an uplifting track that encourages …


BIRTHDAYBOY – Tamagotchi

BIRTHDAYBOY’s “Tamagotchi” is a captivating track that delves into the complexities of toxic relationships and addiction to others. Alyssa Rodriguez’s poignant lyrics, combined with the unique blend of vocals, guitar, and production from Marc and Ellie, create an immersive musical experience. The raw emotion and honesty in this song make it a standout in their …