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JENNA VIVACORA – Still a Feeling

Jenna Vivacora’s “Still a Feeling” is a delightful blend of theatrical pop and heartfelt storytelling. Written during her first year of marriage in Turkey, this romantic track beautifully captures the essence of cherished everyday moments. Recorded at NYC’s Bunker Studio and produced by Sirintip Phasuk, the song features a talented community of jazz musicians. Jenna’s …



Energy Whores’ latest track “MACH9NE”, released on April 12th, 2024, is a compelling blend of electronic and AI pop. The song explores the profound implications of AI on society with a captivating narrative and infectious beats. The lyrics depict an evolved AI deciding to eliminate humanity, raising important ethical questions. Inspired by figures like Elon …


JULY – Magnum

July’s latest track, “Magnum,” is an electrifying blend of dreamy, dynamic sounds and captivating lyrics. The pulsating trance-like rhythms and catchy melodies showcase July’s unique talent as a singer and songwriter, taking listeners on a memorable sonic journey. “Magnum” is a thrilling addition to his repertoire, following hits like “Medicated” and “Salone”. I really like …


BOHARDT – Tomorrow

BOHARDT’s latest single “Tomorrow” is a vibrant pop anthem that effortlessly blends emotional depth with catchy melodies. Influenced by the likes of Sam Smith and The 1975, BOHARDT’s innovative take on the genre is truly refreshing. Recorded at Mountain Hop Studios and masterfully produced by Stefan Mac, “Tomorrow” tells a powerful story of overcoming depression …


THE SCREAMING POPE – The Value Of Priceless

THE SCREAMING POPE’s album “The Value of Priceless” is a real gem! Recorded in his home studio in Boston, this album brings a fresh Urban Jazz twist that captures the preciousness of life. The talented artist’s keyboard play is stellar, enhancing the whole vibe. The album has gathered loads of positive buzz for its creativity, …


EVELYN BATES – Fragile (cello arrangement)

Evelyn Bates’ “Fragile (cello arrangement)” is an enchanting piece that beautifully showcases the collaboration between Evelyn on piano and Elena Kopteva on cello. The arrangement is deeply moving, with Kopteva’s cello lines adding a rich, emotional depth to Evelyn’s composition about mental health. The result is stunning—a serene yet powerful exploration of delicate themes. As …