Emotionally charged and captivating, BEX’s Sensitive is a song that will stick in your memory. The song opens with a melancholy piano theme that sets the mood for what follows. BEX’s strong, expressive vocals are well-suited to the vulnerability and rawness of this running out.

The lyrics themselves are deeply introspective and sympathetic, exploring just how tricky it is to be sensitive in a world so fixated on toughness. In fact, it is the very authenticity with which BEX expresses these feelings that deserves praise and allows listeners to share on a personal level.

Producing the so-called “Sensitive” is also worth attention as its otherworldly soundscapes lift the overall atmosphere of this song. The melancholy instrumentation along with BEX’s moody vocals make for an irresistibly moving listening experience.

In sum, “Sensitive” by BEX is a well-constructed number that captures the artist’s talent and ability to make music people can relate to. This is a must-listen for anyone who likes their music sincere and introspective.