Ben Ellis’s song, “Ed ‘s House “, is a moving and soulful one that leads listeners on an emotional journey. In a soft acoustic guitar melody, the song begins on an mellow and reflective tone. With its story of longing and nostalgia, the lyrics are a natural for Ellis’s smooth emotive vocals.

Through the lyrics, you can picture a house full of memories and the desire to return to someplace where love once existed. His own storytelling ability shines through, and he succeeds in conveying the feelings intrinsic to them effortlessly.

The arrangement is subtly crafted, with piano and strings layered over the song’s base to provide a rich texture. The production is clean and polished, leaving room for the vocals and lyrics to shine.

On the whole, “Ed’s House” is a beautiful and moving song which displays Ben Ellis as an adept crooner as well. A song that will strike a chord with listeners and leave them looking for more of the beautiful sounds from above.