Iro Kleitou Doesn’t take long to make a splash onto our site, with her sultry new tune ‘ What Do We Live For . A mind-blowing performance that leaves us craving more of this fine musician. Will Iro Kleitou be the next big thing? We wholeheartedly believe so.

Iro is a multi-faceted artist with abundant musical experience. She possesses an impressive resumé of both accomplished acoustic pop artist and classically trained pianist singer songwriter musical theater performer. Moreover, she plays several instruments and possesses a special, edgy voice which has been variously said to sound like that of Avril Lavigne. Her talent not only impressed the judges but also wowed audiences on Greece (RSG) 2017, a reality TV series.

Her academic achievement exemplifies Iro’s commitment to her craft, having graduated from Northern Wales with a B.A. in Music (with honors). While in London, she made herself even more well-rounded and accomplished by further polishing her musical theater skills.

Certainly with ‘What Do We Live For,’ Iro has turned in some of her best work to date. Everything from her haunting vocal performance to the carefully considered instrumentation exudes excellence. You can be sure her music will linger with you.

For more information about Iro Kleitou and her future productions, please contact the artist. By doing so, you’ll be able to get in on the ground floor and experience firsthand the adventure that lies ahead for her musical career. Iro Kleitou is an artist on the rise, which we can’t wait to see where she takes her talents next.