Kiddo’s latest musical creation has left us frozen with amazement. A real masterpiece it is! Whether it’s his no-holds-barred, in your face vocal style or incisive and infectious musical accompaniment, the talent of this artist is unbridaled.

Kiddo himself describes the crux of his new record as focusing around a compelling guitar groove, with influences including D’Angelo and John Mayer. besides pushing the limits of guitar tones and sonic textures, his intention was to explore fully what he could do with his voice. Lyrically, the song is light and sensual. It’s fun with a hint of not taking itself too seriously.

We are extremely fond of the artistic journey Kiddo has chosen to entwine himself around, and if you have yet not soaked yourself in the sounds on his latest release ‘Body Talking’ then without a shadow of doubt you need only listen once. If you happen to find yourself identifying with it as much as we have, we sincerely hope that you’ll pass this musical treasure along to your friends. Moreover, be sure to follow Kiddo on the Internet for information about future releases.