Talented, and with a unique perspective to boot. Livia O-i don’t write songs for boys is an anthem of power and empowerment. The song’s catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics express the concept of self-empowerment, fostering independence. Livia O gives a compelling vocal performance, powerfully singing the lyrics from her gut. As for the track’s production, it is also of high standards. Electronic music combined with pop gives off an infectious and energetic vibe. The thing that sets this song apart, though, is its theme of not complying with social norms and also writing songs just for show or to get the attention-and likes–of boys. It is a warning to all listeners, and especially little girls: Put your own wants above the opinions of others. To sum up, “i don’t write songs for boys” is an uplifting and moving song presenting Livia O ‘s singing voice in full force and with a powerful message.