The musical gem that is Molly Moore’s IRL blends pop and electronic music in a way that feels perfectly natural. The song begins with a lightness and vibrancy that immediately captivates the listener.

The sentiment of the track’s chorus is summed up well in: I don’t want to live inside your phone, sings Molly Moore. In the modern world of digital interactions IRL explores the contemporary quest for a higher, richer connection between people. The lyrics are both reflective and conversational, addressing themes of solitude, yearning for the opposition.

It’s still Molly Moore that steals the song, with her version of authentic and vulnerable vocals. Her singing is expressive and the heartfelt feeling in every word can be felt. The production is no less impressive, incorporating a combination of electronic beats and pop sensibilities to produce an infectious dance track.

What’s special about IRL is that it both captures the spirit of our digital era, and manages to have an air of timelessness. This is a song which, in an era dominated by virtual encounters of all kinds, reaches straight into the hearts of those yearning for something real and substantial. Canadian singer-songwriter Molly Moore has written song of timeless quality, pleasing to the ears but also thought provoking and evocative.

To put it simply, “IRL,” by Molly Moore is a fair song about current issues. It’s an approachable theme song for anyone making the trek through today ‘s complicated interrelationship, and a case study of Molly Moore as singer-songwriter. This track is a must-hear for music lovers who appreciate the combination of meaningful lyrics with catchy melodies.