Originally from the electric rock climate of Los Angeles, we’re introducing you to avant-pop hottest sensation SILENTSHOUT. The immensely talented singer, dancer and multi-instrumentalist Alina Cutrono pairs up with the ingenious composer producer and great all rounder on several instruments Theo Karon to give us this exciting new duet. Together they weave a musical universe that turns its back on convention and leaves an indelible imprint upon your ears.

The sound of SILENTSHOUT is a fascinating combination that both stimulates and moves the listener. Alina’s stunningly direct and intimate vocals lie at the core of their sonic identity. Her voice is a beacon through sonic territory spanning the borders of dark synth pop, musique concrète, experimental dance music and classical oddity’s avant-garde.

Among the rapidly changing scene of music, talented artists and bands are constantly crossing our ears. Occasionally though an artist or band appears demanding attention: one that stays in your mind forever with their presence. SILENTSHOUT is one of those remarkable acts which have made a lasting impression on our journeys in music.

SILENTSHOUT stands out by making a special musical story based on what they want to express creatively. With an exquisite sense for the grain in a tree, they have planted deep roots that are entirely their own. Their understanding of originality is coupled with boldness in creating soundscapes not bound by convention’s borders.

Their music is a fusion of the disparate elements. Gritty sounds intermingle effortlessly with lovely melodies, massive chords loom like musical stone sculptures, topped off by Alina’s rich and glowing voice. Their unique sound has won SILENTSHOUT a devoted fan base, attracting fans from across the globe into its compelling sonic realm. So is the question now, will you be one of those taken in by their music’s bewitching spell?