Wavewulf, the electronic music artist from New York City, has once again captivated listeners with his latest single, “Unbreakable Soul”. Known for his enthralling soundscapes that transcend genres, Wavewulf (aka Nicholas Long) delivers intricate textures, throbbing beats, and ethereal melodies. This track, part of his upcoming fifth full-length album, showcases his ability to blend dream-pop, shoegaze, electro, synth-wave, and synth-pop, creating a unique auditory experience.

The song features collaborations with Christopher John Donato, Chase Walker, and vocalists like Nala Spark and Dasha Larks, adding depth and variety. “Unbreakable Soul” is a powerful exploration of the human spirit, and we like it. Make sure to follow Wavewulf on his website and social media for more updates and releases.