Abby Carey’s “Just Too Bad” is a strong song, filled with emotion. The song relates a story of heartache and survival, with lyrics that are poignant and thought-provoking. His voice easily brings out the pain, anger and regret caused by failed relationships; it grabs a hold of your heartstrings and takes you along for every word.

The production of the song is basic but effective, leaving plenty of room for Carey to shine. The acoustic guitar and delicate percussion builds a spooky mood well in keeping with the lyrics. The melody is catchy and memorable, so that you can get lost in the song’s infectious beat.

In sum, “Just Too Bad” is a special track which makes Abby Carey into an up-and-coming star in the music world. From the first note, her talent and passion with authenticity shine through. If you like heartfelt and soulful music, this song is for you.