“Girlfriend” by Ayelle is a blend of R & B and pop with a captivating, soulful vibe. The song features Ayelle’s soft, satin-like vocal style weaving over the dreamy production. In the lyrics, an intimate story is told of mixed emotions–jealousy and insecurity. In her delivery, Ayelle’s vulnerability comes shining through and the feelings feel real and raw.

So is the production on Girlfriend, with a soundscape that’s all at once atmospheric and ethereal. As a counterpoint to Ayelle’s vocals, soft synths, subtle percussion and intricate melodies combine for an addictive backdrop. The production of the song fits in completely with its introspective, meditative lyrics to provide an excellent listening experience.

All in all, Girlfriend is a very well-made song featuring Ayelle’s skill as both singer and writer. It’s a combination of heartfelt lyrics, gripping vocals and spellbinding production. This song is both touching to the ears and emotionally affecting, so “Girlfriend” should be on everyone’s playlist if R&B or pop are their jam.