An Awkward Social’s track Floating Feet is one that takes you on a sonic journey captivates and mesmerizes in equal measure. The song begins with a dreamy, ethereal sound created by the delicate guitar melodies and soft hazy vocals. As the track develops, additional layers of complex textures and rhythms are added to keep you involved.

The lyrics of beats Floating Feet are poetic and reflective, dealing with themes such as how to find oneself and the intricate nature of human relationships. The heart wrenching, emotional rendering of the vocals gives a further sense of depth and vulnerability to this song.

Floating Feet is special because you are taken to another world through the creation of a unique atmosphere. Every instrument and every element shines through in the production which is totally unspoiled. The track weaves indie rock, dream pop and shoegaze into a seamless whole: it is at once backward-looking yet fresh.

In general, Floating Feet is no less than a tour de force of songwriting from this talented group. For fans of atmospheric, introspective indie music this is a must-listen.