Bolshiee – Dance in the Rain is a compelling, edgy track that grabs your attention from the first listen. Its infectious beats and catchy melodies mean you can’t help but dance along. In terms of production, the song is excellent–everything blends together well. The vocals are strong and moving, singing the lyrics with feeling.

The lyrics themselves are inspiring and uplifting, telling listeners to leave their hardships behind and dance in the rain. The metaphorical message is expressed wonderfully through the upbeat rhythm and exuberant mood of the song. The chorus is especially catchy, and you’ll find yourself humming along in no time.

Bolshiee – Dance in the Rain” is a terrific song by an artist who knows his trade. It’s an uplifting feel-good tune that leaves you wanting to hear it again. A dance number irrespective of whether you like the genre or not.