With “It’s My Life”, Paula Jivén gives a new and different touch to the classic hit by Bon Jovi. She makes the song her own through powerful vocals and emotive delivery. The quality of the production is superb, with a driving beat and catchy guitar licks that fit perfectly over Jivén’s singing.

The most outstanding feature of this version is Jivén’s ability to put across the song’s message about power and freedom. The conviction and strength in her vocal performance mean that it is impossible not to be inspired by what you hear.

Moreover, Jivén’s rendering of the song adds a new angle. It has an air of fragility and sincerity that sets it apart from other covers which arguably lack human elements in comparison to this one. It is really admirable how well she can communicate the sense behind these lyrics.

All told, Paula Jivén’s version of “It’s My Life” is a must-hear for fans and novices alike. It’s a strong contender in the genre because of her powerful vocals and heartfelt delivery.