“Horizons” is a work of art that truly showcases the duo’s musical maturity, incorporating intricate pop harmonies with unique rock influences. The album, guided by the effortless vocal exuberance of Renee Bliss and the dynamic percussion of Lang Bliss, illustrates a music that is timeless and boundary-less in terms of genres. Right away, the song “Your Number’s Up” pulls the listener in with its melody, synthesizing the soundscape with glistening synths, fiery vocals, and a bass line that vibrates, all this while preserving the ’80s feel. Track “Do or Die” goes next and is a mellow yet inspirational anthem that calls for perseverance.

Another album’s highlight, “Talking Through Fences,” takes the listeners on a ride to the world of sophisticated pop piano performance and soulful voice delivery which calls for breaking down all the barriers with its powerful message. “Horizons” is a well-balanced mix of outstanding melody, heartfelt vocals, and sharp production which gives it a unique appeal to soulful and thoughtful music lovers.