‘Here’s Your Song’, by Chloe Lilac, is a moving and expressive track which displays her pure talent with vocals along with an interesting style. It’s a melancholy piano intro that sets the scene for the introspective lyrics thereafter. Her own voice is strong yet fragile; breathing out the pain and anguish in her song with ease. The production is simple yet effective, and Lilac’s voice keeps itself front-and-center. The lyrics are about the confusion of a failed relationship, as Lilac expresses anger and longs for an end. The chorus is the best part, very catchy and nostalgic. Delilac’s voice soars over an infectious melody. Chloe Lilac’s ability to touch her audience on a deeply emotional level shines in the relatable and honest piece of music Here’s Your Song. This will be a song that appeals to listeners and remains in memories.