With its inviting and ghostly sound, pop meets electronic-meets alternative music in BIIANCO’s ‘Chlorine’. With its mesmerizing sounds and mystical vocals, from the first note this song captivates. Its high-quality production, with synth layers and pulsing beats at every turn acting as the perfect backdrop for BIIANCO’s emotive vocals.

Lyrically, Chlorine is about toxic relationships and trying to escape their clutches. The lyrics are pensive and contemplative, capturing perfectly the psychological conflict of such circumstances. The voice of BIIANCO is strong and expressive, bringing out the raw emotions woven into this song.

The chorus is especially infectious, with its lilting melody and anthemic quality. You find yourself wanting to go back and listen again once the song is finished.

In all, Chlorine is a stunner of music that only further demonstrates the talents BIIANCO possesses as singer-songwriter and producer. It deserves to be heard and appreciated by a larger audience, like this song.