Northern Line’s “Darshaan” is a captivating musical journey that expertly weaves together folk, indie and alternative rock elements into one harmonious structure which elicits strong feelings. Its bewitching melodies and poignant lyrics sweep you away from the very beginning, before continuing to captivate your unfolding imagination even after the music has ended.

The vocals are ethereally beautiful, rustic and heartrending. The instrumentation is just as impressive, with a blend of acoustic and electric elements that results in an extremely rich sound. Production on the song is top notch, with each instrument shining while maintaining a fluid and well-balanced overall mix.

Lyrically, “Darshaan” is a deeply introspective piece that examines themes of reflection and longing. No matter if you like indie folk or just enjoy well-crafted music with a bit of feeling, Northern Line’s “Darshaan” is highly recommended for anyone who wants to be moved.