The American guitarist, vocal artist and song writer Jonathan “Jelly” Ellington currently finds himself in Austin, Texas. His musical career began with the beautiful mountain scenery of Asheville, North Carolina as background. He possesses a rich, soulful voice which is as smooth on the ears as melted chocolate and his guitar style combines true-to-life blues in an easygoing fashion. Jelly certainly deserves to be called a complex individual.

With a trail of notable collaborations behind him, including Grammy Award-winning artists, Jelly has become the poster boy for inructive and unbridaled live performances. His astonishing ability was further demonstrated last year when he emerged as one of Austin’s Top 10 “Best Guitarists” in the highly regarded 2018 Austin Chronicle Music Awards.

I especially love Jelly Ellington’s new song Butterfly. It isn’t just the expressiveness of his music; he actually makes me fall head over heels on account of every single note being so original, fun and creative. Hearing ‘Butterfly’ is a truly amazing experience, which makes us appreciate the artistry of his speech. All of our readers who have a deep admiration for the cross-currents between art and music should take special note of what Jelly Ellington has planned next. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed by the fabulous journey that travels through his musical world.