Devon Cole’s “Call U After Rehab” is a powerful, personal song that reveals the artist’s fragility and emotions in an authentic way. But right from the first note Cole’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals carry listeners into a retelling of her personal journey through depths of addiction to recovery.

The track is masterfully produced, featuring a solemn piano melody as well as a relatively slow and stable beat to match the sorrowful words of the song. There is pain and hope in Cole’s voice, which expresses the struggle occurring inside as he battles against his demons.

One thing that makes calling U After Rehab different is the authenticity in Cole’s storytelling. He pours his heart out, talking in personal terms about these experiences as well as some of the hard knocks he has encountered on that road and thus making it a song which anyone who’s ever suffered from addiction or known someone else addicted can identify with.

On balance, “Call U After Rehab” is a great song that demonstrates Devon Cole’s talents as both songwriter and singer. If you value honest and thought-provoking music, this is a must listen.