Last week, Le Trouble dropped a new track. From the very first note we found ourselves being swept away by its joie de vivre and catchiness. ‘The Bench’ is an indisputable earworm, and its vocal work has a unique charm. With this offering Le Trouble has not only shown off their talents at production, but also dipped its toe into something that might be a magnum opus.

Entering the world of The Bench, as we delve into this documentary’s heart and soul We are taken to a scene inhabited by hard-partying romantics: This cabal, which froze inseparable links of friendship on an icy Montreal night. Driven by shared experience, laughter and music their camaraderie seeps into every note. As if each member of the band had been changed into one another, it became as much a brotherhood without frontiers between time and space.

With 2019 glittering brightly just beyond our reach, Le Trouble is decidedly on the threshold of greatness. Their musical journey will surely be an exciting ride, and we can’t wait to see where it takes them next. Those who like their artistry as much as we do, please subscribe and keep close tabs on the band. In this way, you’ll be one of the first to enjoy their impending musical sojourns and witness the development of this unusual act.

Simply put, Le Trouble’s ‘The Bench’, with all its musical genius inveigles the heart. Their creative flair is visible in both aspects, performance and companionship. In the music world they are unique among people of their race and generation. Come celebrate their unique sound and stay tuned for what they have in store. One to watch, Le Trouble have a future that may be half as bright but twice as captivating.