Alone, clockwise from top: Chandler Leighton’s song of the same name captures anyone who has ever felt lonely and lost. The lyrics’ raw emotions are poignantly expressed by Leighton ’ s soulful and emotive vocals. The bare-bones production gives the lyrics room to breathe, creating a warm atmosphere that draws in listeners.

The song’s lyrics are familiar, the themes relevant-they explore feelings of loneliness and community. Leighton’s weaknesses are evident through her delivery, and the song becomes even more powerful as well as closer to home. The chorus is especially catchy, and will soon have listeners singing along.

In Alone, Leighton displays her talents as a singer and songwriter. Her capacity to engender strong feelings through her music deserves praise, and it’s clear that she puts a great deal of herself into every performance. On the whole, ‘Alone’ is a great song that establishes Leighton as an artist and makes itself felt on the listener.