Love Ghost’s EP “The Speed of Dreaming” is a riveting 4-tracks story where the band skillfully melts together different genres. The first track “Be Not Afraid” starts off with a furious pace with its pulsing guitars. It makes the audience enter an uneasy trance immediately. The EP shows its own creativity by the way it combines hip-hop beats, emo-rap verses, and atmospheric prog rock, which give an insightful mood featuring a special intensity.

“Luna Azul” – the third song – is really exceptional in that it is very lively, which will definitely make heads nod. The EP was recorded in Mexico City and produced by Alex Pedrero. This record tells us about the journey of our sleep, but it also has that deep inquiry about the subconscious. The album entitled “The Speed of Dreaming” can be called a great and well-known work of one of the most successful releases by Love Ghost.