A good symbol for adventure and freedom, Park Hotel’s ‘Going West’ is a lively song. Its catchy beat and upbeat rhythm have you humming and tapping right away. The vocals are strong and commanding, perfectly harmonizing with the vibrant instrumentation. In ‘Going West’, the combination of indie rock and dance-pop elements gives it a sound that is at once fresh and nostalgic. It brings the feeling of classic road trip anthems into the 21st century. Lush with imagery and an air of adventure, the lyrics capture the thrill of discovering the unknown. In this song, Park Hotel show off the ability they have to compose music that isn’t just fun to listen to, it also has a feeling of joy and carefreeness in it. ‘Going West’ is not just a song, it’s like a journey, an anthem for anyone who has ever dreamed of hitting the open road and chasing the sunset.