Here are our reasons for buzzing with excitement about this upcoming release. Firstly, we are all fervent fans of Rajiv Dhall’s music right down through the pores. Our vocal prowess and lyrical flair working together have an air that’s impossible to resist, every single time. Furthermore, he never ceases to amaze and inspire us with his always first-rate production skills.

What really makes Rajiv Dhall stand out, however, is his limitless creative imagination: every new release he brings to light. Creating new musical experiences is a feat of magical ability, one that constantly leaves us awestruck. In combination with his gorgeous lyricism and perfectly measured recital, Rajiv not only won our hearts but made us hard-core fans who were willing to be around for the long haul. A thing we are so proud of!

Please enjoy for yourself the wonder of Rajiv Dhall’s music. So, while you’re at it, be sure to keep in touch with him online so that you don’t miss any of his future releases-a voyage we eagerly anticipate together.