“Vivre Sa Vie” by West Wickhams emerges as an enthralling Extended Play, illuminating the pair’s knack for weaving atmospheric rock laced with a gothic flair. It embarks on a nocturnal odyssey, brimming with somber inspirations from iconic Gothic literature, metamorphosed into auditory landscapes imbued with the essence of post-punk and a touch of nostalgia. This EP delights with its lush, expansive soundscapes, elevated by an ethereal aura and enchanting vocal harmonies.

Highlights such as “The Maddening Crowd” and “Damned Defiant!” exemplify their skill in crafting mesmerizing and elegant auditory vistas. This work marks a significant growth and broadening in their musical composition, showcasing their prowess in delivering a distinctive and engrossing auditory experience. In sum, “Vivre Sa Vie” stands out as a compelling showcase of West Wickhams’ adeptness at creating atmospheric and resonant tunes.