A gem: Sannia’s “Go And Get Over” is an amazing song that expresses the emotions of leaving behind and becoming strong in weakness. Even from the opening notes, you’re thrown right into a world of sincere storytelling and beautiful voices.

In lyrics for “Go And Get Over”, the themes are raw and honest, including resilience and self-discovery. Sannia’s voice is a real star, ensuring that each line gives off a strong sense of actuality and emotion. It’s a voice that imaginatively captivates and holds you throughout the song.

The instrumentation is tastefully mixed, with a balance of acoustic and electronic elements that produce a thick sense-of-space atmosphere. The chorus of the song is catchy and immediately recognizable, so it’s easy to sing along with.

Also praiseworthy about Go And Get Over for me is its ability to present a timeworn theme in an unexpected light. With her songwriting and performance both revealing a maturity and depth, Sannia remains an artist with great promise in the music industry.

In sum, Sannia’s Go And Get Over is a song full of tension and emotion which makes an indelible impression. This is certainly proof of her gifts as a musician and composer, I invite you to listen; it’s an excellent piece.