Using the motif of a game, which is literally true in this case, “Decision of A Flower” showcases Shallowhalo’s inner child warmth as they humorously go through every detail and minute aspect regarding their issues concerning a turbulent relationship including whimsicality along with innocent nostalgia.

The video opens by featuring Allyson Camitta lost to the games of ‘He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not’ and as small petals are falling from her pupils to the floor a butterfly may make an appearance right before she is blessed with synths which now mark just another meaningless beginning. The beat drops, bringing a danceable and unstoppable rhythm that quickly erases whatever launch anxiety was created by the film’s opening shots.

Lyrically, the song explores the inconsistent highs and lows of an on-off romance. Camitta masterfully combines pain and comfort, whispering words such as “Soft petal face / Stung on the cheek/ Pull off the last piece.” The chorus raises these feelings to more sublime heights where her vocals soar along with synths above delivering this powerful message “He said loves me / He loves me not.