Recently, the leftfield pop producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Softmax born in Chicago, has just released her newest project titled “Any Minute Now”. The EP is a continuation of Softmax’s previous themes, which place listeners in a dystopian world full of the concept of anticipation in its every manifestation. From its shaky and anxious aspects to the final establishment of calmness and release, Softmax travels with us through these emotional layers.

Working with talents such as Samuel Organ, Joel Ford, and Gabriel Gifford, Softmax creates a soundscape that also addresses the shallowness and isolation of current communication. The EP does not avoid tackling the problems presented by our contemporary technological landscape, thereby enhancing its broader story on several levels.

As the highly anticipated release of “Any Minute Now,” Softmax has kindly presented the captivating and otherworldly song “Longing” to her fans. But you can dive into the presented track below, which is a joyful teaser of what this EP offers.