The debut album of Spanish duo Pipiolas, Paula Reyes and Adriana Ubani, No hay un Dios, radically breaks the barriers of conventional music genres by providing an intense kaleidoscope of music styles, of pop, eurodisco, fifties R’n’B, house, glitchcore, and many others. Though Pipiolas’ melodies filled the room with juvenile brightness and joyfulness, their lyrics travel into sarcasm, scolding, and insecurities, which is perfectly encapsulated in their Instagram bio fearlessly exclaiming “we monetize trauma.”

Amongst Pipiolas’ shining gems is the shimmering and irresistibly catchy “Pogo En Casa,” which sees Pipiolas do something on the dancefloor – existential despair. “I’m afraid of dying,” they sing, “without knowing what it feels like when something is bigger than you and, what is more, it does For immersing in their own special sonic world, see the attached music video.