The ‘Lost Soul’ EP by The Trusted takes listeners on a captivating voyage through the intricate realms of love, yearning, and the human experience. Rooted in melodious rock, this Southend-on-Sea band weaves an anthem for the unnoticed, encapsulating the essence of shared challenges. The EP’s title track immediately enthralls with ethereal synthesizers and a palpable momentum, establishing the EP’s theme, which navigates between inner struggles and admiration of heroes.

The Trusted fearlessly delves into both the good and bad, the frightening and serene, blending gritty intensity with soothing connections. From the lively rock of ‘Marrow’ to the soul-stirring ‘Burning The Night,’ the EP showcases a diverse range of compelling songwriting and robust rock production. In summary, ‘Lost Soul’ stands as a testament to the band’s remarkable ability to connect with every facet of humanity in an uncertain and complex society.