With his first single, the debut of Alexander Wren already tells an impressive story. Listening to Strangers Again for the very first time got us absolutely excited and staggeringly stunned at once. He definitely has an enthusiasm which is as contagious as it is charming. And if the standard of Strangers Again is anything to go by, we can expect many brilliant singles from him next year and 2018 in particular. This is one musical journey you simply do not want to miss.

The track, “Strangers again”, wastes no time to grab your attention. From the very first note, it seizes your attention and never lets go. Alexander Wren’s vocal performance is both outstanding and highly expressive. Although it is a debut single, they capture real depth of emotion and authenticity. It’s obvious that this artist really does have a feel for the song.

The songwriting in Strangers Again is just as praiseworthy. It tells a story about the uncertainties of distance and longning in life. The lyrics are very profound and anyone who has ever felt growing distant from someone they once loved will see a part of themselves in the song. But it is this universal appeal that makes the song so compelling.

As a piece of music, “Strangers Again” is well written. The instrumentation is expertly handled, with acoustic and electronic elements blending effortlessly to create a rich sonic environment. The chorus really is catchy, and this makes it not only a song that’s easy to sing along with but almost impossible to forget.

Our sincere advice: Also don’t miss Alexander Wren’s “Strangers Again,” a debut single from an artist whose talent and promise are immediately apparent. There is no one else to blame but us if you’re not enjoying yourself as much. To keep up with any upcoming releases, be sure to connect with Alexander Wren on his social media channels. This is an artist plainly on the rise, and one whose musical path we look forward to following with great interest.