And so it was, just recently having heard Jon Bryant sing his song ‘Paradise,’ a pleasant experience indeed. As soon as the music stopped, I was mesmerized by the tender melodies and Jon’s moving singing.

For example, Jon wrote this wonderful song and provided the beautiful voice it deserves. The lyrics are both reflective and poetic, imparting an atmosphere of introspection and wonder. Its music itself is a delightful marriage of acoustic and electronic, original but at the same time immediately captivating.

The best thing about “Paradise” is that it can make you feel anything at all. It’s a song that makes you feel both reflective and lifted at the same time. It is the depth of sincerity and authenticity in Jon’s voice that humanizes this song.

Speaking generally, what’s listed above is a musical gem and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a song that packs beautiful melodies with some valuable lyrics and an emotional connection. A song that is sure to leave you feeling recharged and energized, this needs to be in your music collection.