Cherry Angel’s “Cherry Dream” is a beautiful-sounding tune that plunges the listener into an airy, dreamlike state of ecstasy. However, the ethereal vocals of Cherry Angel glide delicately over the airy electronic beats without effort. The production on the song is top-notch, with thick synths and intricate layers which build and change throughout. The lyrics are plaintive and poetic, exploring themes of yearning, desire, the search for happiness. Cherry Angel’s sincere singing adds another layer of depth to the song and makes it seem like those lyrics were written especially for you and me. A blend of dream pop and electronic music, “Cherry Dream” is a sound that’s both soothing on the ears but yet uplifting. It is a song that needs to be listened to over and again, for each time you discover something within its rich arrangement. All in all, ‘Cherry Dream’ is a wonderfully dreamlike track which displays Cherry Angel both as singer and songwriter.