It is precisely for this reason that Houndsteeth’s long-awaited album, “Hold Your Horses,” really lives up to its title, making the listeners travel to the world of patience and endurance. This trio, consisting of three very talented individuals – Grace Ward, Jolee Gordon, Izzy Da Fonseca and altogether sharing a very long friendship that spans ten years, infuses this album with a lot of energy that ends up being controlled chaos: a blend of indie rock and experimental pop.

Tantalizingly, the NY/LA based group introduces us to a sonic playground that contains auxiliary sounds, operatic rock guitar moments and Meredith Monk-worthy vocal harmonies. They have only just released the lead single, “Rodeo”, a mini-masterpiece on the indie music scene. This track features complicated vocal overdubbing and melodic sidetracks that make it both unpredictable and astoundingly captivating. This tour de force is peppered with arrangements one must tread between sparse and diaphanous, yet “Rodeo” always produces a strong impact felt deeply.