Sloane Monroe’s “Made For You” is a beautiful, heartfelt song that sweeps listeners off their feet from the opening notes. The tender lyrics, along with Monroe’s mellow singing give a beautiful and intimate atmosphere that you can not resist. The melody is very natural, combining acoustic guitar with soft piano chords to produce a relaxing and pleasant sound. The song’s lyrics are a story of love and loyalty. It describes the closeness shared by two people who were apparently born to be with each other.

But Monroe sings each line with such emotion that the lyrics becomes deeply, sincerely personal. Also worth noting is the production of ” Made For You ,” which works perfectly with the song’s intimate nature without overwhelming Monroe’s vocals. The effect is compelling and moving music which displays the extent of Monroe’s talents as a singer-composer. Made For You is a song that will definitely stay in your mind and deserves to be on the playlist of anyone who likes heartfelt, soulful music.