CLOVES’s song ‘California Numb’ is a very well crafted and strong track which highlights her talents as a singer and songwriter. Beautifully combining soulful melodies with rich, atmospheric production, the song possesses a soaringly emotional sound yet is modern in the extreme. What stands out is CLOVES’s voice, which sings the lyrics of introspection with a primal intensity and depth, every tone leaving one hypnotized. ‘California Numb’ is not just a song, but an emotional journey. The track’s slow build and dramatic crescendos are all perfectly executed. The lyrics deal with themes of alienation and meaning, and are particularly meaningful to those who have ever felt out of place in the new. With ‘California Numb’ CLOVES has proven her ability to write intricate, beautiful music which cuts straight to the heart, and this talent has placed her among the standout talents of the current music scene.