Courtney Preis’s “Oh Listen” is a song that seizes you and speaks to your soul. The instant she begins singing, Preis’s silky and plush vocals immediately grab you by the ears. The lyrics are poignant and introspective, dealing with themes of love, loss and self-discovery. This haunting melody fits the emotional depth of the song perfectly and makes for a very immersive musical experience.

A powerful element of Oh Listen is Preis’ ability to express raw feeling through her voice. Her vocal command and range are remarkable, touching on tender delicate points with vulnerable moments, but also powerfully commanding. The instrumentation is just as impressive, with an acoustic/ electric melting pot that adds richness and poignancy to the song.

All in all, “Oh Listen” is a great song that clearly demonstrates Courtney Preis’s skills as a singer-songwriter. It is a moving song, full of feelings that stay with the listener long after it has ended and make them want to hit ‘replay’.