While Abby Cole and Matheus Nascimento, aka Slowaves, are a couple in real life, they also form an exciting musical partnership running under the name Lowne. Although they are separated by more than 5,000 miles, their music journey began early this year. Their expertise in producing dreamy and nostalgic soundscapes has caught the eye of the knowledgeable jury of Nice Guys. Their first recordings “Into me” and “Waiting Room” show their great musical talent.

The latest effort from Lowne – “Greyout”– is an ambitious blend of shimmering guitars, dreamy synths and velvety vocals. First of all, this track is the first one that they created and recorded together in person – though they live in different continents. On the contrary, “Greyout” focuses on the emptiness and the yearning that accompany a long distance relationship. What the extended instrumental breaks in the song represent is the long lulls of longing that everyone in the situations would know all too well. However, the erotic chorus also carries some hope and longing for these lovers to reunite physically and intimately.