We have closely monitored the artistic path of Melissa Harris, a multi-talented musician from Chicago, who is a singer, songwriter, and producer for the Born Days project. It’s been anything but a slow start as we prep for Born Days’ debut album’s release this Friday. Just before this anticipated moment, we have already been offered a preview of what is about to unfold with the songs like “Deep Empty (DMT Feelings)” and the captivating title track. And most recently, Born Days has revealed her new single, “How to Disappear,” a track that perfectly depicts the essence of the upcoming LP—a captivating sonic voyage of raw passion.

Have you ever wanted to just have a moment of escape from the noise of emotional woe, to just vanish, if only for a moment in your mind? While science cannot transport us yet, the musical balm called “How to Disappear”, which helps us get through such long periods of painful contemplation, was written for this purpose.