Leanna Firestone’s Reincarnation is a fascinating and moving song that brings listeners on an introspective journey. With Firestone’s hauntingly beautiful vocals juxtaposed with the ethereal melodies, one is plunged into an atmosphere of introspection and contemplation.

The lyrics deal with the idea of reincarnation, touching upon past lives and focusing on life anew. With Firestone’s poetic storytelling, you can get close to the song; as he tells his stories of wonder and curiosity.

The song is perfectly produced; delicate instrumentation combines seductively and effortlessly with Firestone’s strong vocals. The instrumental arrangement of the song tallies with its theme, and different emotions are layered in.

The standout track is “Reincarnation,” which allows Firestone to demonstrate his talent as a singer and songwriter. It stays in the memory, and listeners are anxious to hear more of her music. Anyone who likes songs of an introspective or soul-shaking nature has to listen to this one.