Geneviève Ryan-Martel, TDJ’s nom de plume from Montreal premiered her euro trance series with SPF INFINI 3 signaling the end of a phenomenal trio. “SPF INFINI 3”, living up to the collaborative nature of its predecessors, includes twenty-one unique tracks, such as Vitesse X and Neggy Gemmy – some all time favorites of HighClouds. Another bold feature of the project is a film video lasting 55 minutes, once again directed by Laurence Baz Morais.

Fascinatingly, by defocusing the separations between utopia and dystopia visually in “SPF INFINI 3,” we are taken to a deserted wasteland terrain populated with only an influencer community. In this bizarre world, they sway between taking infinite selfies, designing their lives for the social media sites and advertising an assortment of TDJ chic merchandise. In the midst of these scandals, they come up with strange things like singing karaoke to a capybara and self-care rituals as well as remaking bros and sorostitutes. But their peaceful world is inevitably destroyed by the forthcoming End of Times.